We have Masai Mara joining safari with budget camping or lodging at Mara Sopa Lodge. Enjoy tours in Kenya by taking advantage of our special rates. Masai Mara Game Reserve is one of the most popular game parks in Kenya and Africa as a whole. Every year hundreds of thousand of tourists visit this park to see the best of wildlife in Kenya. Safari Masai Mara will give you the opportunity to see wild animals in various game parks and National parks of your choice.

You can visit Masai Mara Game Reserve by road or by airplane. Going by the road takes about 5 hours and is about 270 Kilometers, with the last leg of 80 Kilometers of murram road from Narok town to Masai Mara Game Reserve. Traveling by road is the only affordable option for most tourists.

You can also fly to Masai Mara which takes about 45 minutes only. As you approach the park you will be able to see wildlife from the air. You can request the pilot to take you a round the park before you land at your designated airstrip. The are several airstrips in Masai Mara Game Reserve because the accommodation in Masai Mara is dispersed and are not on a centralized location. Whether you are traveling by road or air Safari Masai Mara will enable you to get to the park so that you can enjoy the amazing animals found in this park.

The main activity in Masai Mara is doing game drives. Safari Masai Mara Tour Operator has experienced English speaking tours guides. Your tour guide will take you for game drives in search of wildlife. The tour guides are experts in finding the animals and they know the best spots to catch all the action. The park is very large and if you are driving by yourself you can get lost in the park. It is advisable to go with tour guides for your own safety, comfort and pleasure because the game drives are very tiring if your are the one driving.

Another popular activity that is popular in this park is the Hot air balloon safari. This is a 1 hour ride over Masai Mara Game Reserve which enables you to view the wildlife from the air. The pilot can fly the balloon close to the ground or high up in the air. This is a one in a lifetime, breathtaking and amazing ride over the Masai Mara Game Reserve and is highly recommended. Another popular activity is visiting the Maasai Village. This is recommended to those who want to interact with the Maasai people which enables you to know their cultural practices.

Accommodation in Masai Mara Game Reserve is mainly classified in three categories namely: Budget tented camps, Luxury tented camps and Luxury Lodges. All accommodation in Masai Mara varies according to what you want and can afford. Regardless of your tastes, budget or preference Safari Masai Mara will enable you to get the best accommodation available within your budget.

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